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    Handodo is committed to bringing our products to everyone in the world. Our service delivers to most countries in the world and is dedicated to meeting a variety of shipping needs. We work in conjunction with the most reliable international and domestic couriers to ensure that your package gets to you safe and on time.

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    All orders will be processed and shipped directly from our distribution center in Hong Kong. Please note, these orders may incur customs & duty fees, which the customer is required to pay in order to receive their order.

    Orders are processed Monday through Friday at 9 AM (local time in Hong Kong). Orders placed after 9 AM on Friday (local time in Hong Kong) will be processed the next business day. Our Order processing is automated, hence, once an Order is placed on our website, it cannot be cancelled or amended.



    The type, quantity, and weight of your package may vary, and as such, cost may vary. Shipping costs also vary depending on your location and desired shipping speed. To get a shipping quotation, please add your selected items to your shopping cart, and enter your shipping address in the checkout page.


    Most standard shipments are sent through several carriers and postal service providers. Packages usually reach their destination in 9-10 business days, but occasionally take longer. Orders placed after 9 AM Hong Kong Time may require +1 business day to process. For example, orders placed after 9 AM on a Friday may not be processed and shipped until the following Monday.


    Most standard shipments sent from Hong Kong are shipped through several carriers and postal services providers, but are handed off to your local mail carrier once it arrives in the destination country.

    Orders typically take 5-15 business days to reach international destinations, but can sometimes take as long as 4-6 weeks for some destinations. It ultimately depends on where you live and what you've ordered. We wish we could give better specifics than that, but due to the complexities of international shipping we cannot. Orders can require up to 1 business day to process.


    We only offer an expedited service option to select international markets due to the complexities and cost of international duties associated with expedited shipping. 


    In our efforts of moving towards a more sustainable operation throughout, we’re working with Eco Shipping options through DHL Post for our US, EU & UK orders. DHL is currently experiencing potential shipping delays due to high order volumes and persisting Covid-19 related delays. Please note that the estimated time for deliveries has been updated to 7 – 14 business days for clarity.


    Some countries apply duties or VAT on shipments received from Hong Kong. You are responsible for any such extra taxes or fees your government applies to get the package delivered. Handodo will do the best we can to provide the best international shipping experience possible, but much of the process is out of our control, and is in the control of your countries' officials and mail systems.

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