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    Be the guardian of our mother nature

    Our modern lifestyle won't last if our nature doesn’t. As a small business, we’re still far from perfect, but we’re committing to growing responsibly and doing our share to make this world a better place.

    1. Make every shipping carbon-neutral

    We work with EcoCart app, EcoCart is a creative way to provide a simple option for you, to add a small charge to your total to offset the carbon footprint of your order. 

    Once you check the box, EcoCart calculates the carbon footprint of each order. 

    This process provides a simple, seamless way for you to reduce your carbon footprint as you shop at Handodo. 

    2. Use sustainable packaging

    Plastic-based mailing solutions may be widespread and cheap, but they aren't sustainable. There are more and more options becoming available for compostable, recyclable, and reusable shipping materials.

    In Handodo, we use recyclable material.  Our box has a customized size for the product, smaller boxes cost less in material and shipping fee, on the other hand the smaller box also protect the products better.

    3. Carbon neutral material

    Handodo started out as a handcraft leather goods maker since 2011, however, from 2018, Handodo has been reducing its "genuine leather" collection, and gradually transform to a truly cruelty free material: vegan leather (aka: faux leather). In 2022, we will clear out all our genuine leather products.

    Although we have over 60 thousand clients over the decade who love our leather products, maybe some will leave, but we believe our new products along with our value will be accpeted by more and more clients.

    Full grain leather is more durable than faux leather, and develops an attractive patina as it ages that faux leather can never do, but producing real leather products is never humane and eco-friendly.

    We are co-operating with a vegan leather supplier in Mexico, who uses local plants (corns and cactus) in the process that makes their vegan leather chemical free.

    Safe Checkout Via Paypal/Credit Card

    30-day Money Back Guarantee

    7-21 Days Global Shipping

    99.7% Customer Satisfaction